Medical Equipment leasing and rental is a popular way for hospitals and physicians to obtain expensive medical equipment. As hire of medical equipment offers lower initial costs but a higher long-term cost. Monthly payments must be made for a certain amount of time. However, once the loan is paid off, the payments cease.

Med One Group

Med One Group, based in Sandy, Utah, is one of the leading medical equipment leasing and rental companies in the industry. Its mission is to serve healthcare customers by providing the best in healthcare equipment leasing and rental services. The company is an independent, for-profit company that has helped over half of the nation’s acute care hospitals and other healthcare institutions obtain the medical equipment they need. As an independent company, Med One is dedicated to ensuring that each of its customers receives the service they deserve.

Med One Group announced the opening of a new distribution center in North Carolina, where it will rent and service medical equipment. The company also announced the acquisition of Martab Equipment Management Services, which will help it expand into specialty device rental.

Trust Capital

Medical equipment leasing is a great way to lower operating costs, avoid upfront equipment purchases, and maintain positive cash flow. It also allows customers to upgrade equipment or retain it, while offering the flexibility of paying less than the full retail value. Most leasing companies are able to fund deals in as little as two to five business days and require no down payment. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional banks, which require up to 20% down and a lengthy credit review process.

Med One Group, located in Sandy, Utah, is one of the largest medical equipment leasing companies in the world. It provides leasing and rental services to acute care hospitals and healthcare organizations. It was previously known as Med One Capital, but was rebranded in 2017. Med One Group focuses on providing the best services for hospitals instead of devising schemes for vendors to sell more equipment. It specializes in respiratory equipment, infusion pumps, and other medical devices.


With the rise of chronic illnesses and rising number of disabled people, the market for medical equipment leasing and rental is on the rise. This growing industry caters to both small and large businesses, enabling customers to save up to 80% over the cost of buying equipment. In addition, rising health care costs and the trend of outsourcing medical services are driving market growth.

Meridian Leasing has expanded its operations to include a distribution network in the Carolinas, adding to its portfolio of healthcare equipment leasing services. It also recently acquired Freedom Medical, an asset management company that specializes in movable medical equipment leasing. Both companies aim to meet the needs of healthcare providers across the country.

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