If you are looking for a new addition for your backyard, consider adding a new pergola to your landscape design. These outdoor structures add beauty and function to any yard. You can create a pergola made from natural materials, such as wood or reed. You can also use a reed screen, which you can purchase from DIY stores and secure in the beams of your pergola. Adding plants to your pergola will conceal the base, create a natural shade and help disguise the structure.

Cantilever pergola

If you’re looking for a great way to add shade to your patio or backyard, consider incorporating a standalone pergolas port macquarie. These are great for back yards that are full of lush greenery and will create a central area to sit and relax. Consider incorporating custom wooden benches or contemporary outdoor decor to further complete the area. The ambiance of these structures can also be enhanced with lights or a firepit. Whether you choose a contemporary pergola or a more traditional one, you’ll find plenty of design inspiration for your yard.

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If you’re looking for more functional ways to use your pergola, consider adding glass lanterns. Glass lanterns provide a soft glow at night and double as bug and sun-screens. Pergolas can be used as outdoor rooms, too. If you’d prefer a sleeker, modern look, opt for a pergola with glass paneling. It will look great with outdoor furniture, as well as hanging lanterns and candles.

Moroccan-style pergola

If you’re looking to add a touch of exotic style to your backyard, consider a Moroccan-style pergola. Moroccan residents have an appreciation for outdoor shade, so they rely on gazebos, fabric pergolas and breezy outdoor curtains. Incorporate these elements into your backyard to create a relaxing, fun oasis. It doesn’t have to be large and complex – a small pergola can be used as a dining space and mini-kitchen.

In the Moroccan-style pergola, you can use bold colors to stand out. The riad colors are bold and contrast dramatically with whitewashed walls and stone pathways. You can use either neutral colors or bold, striking hues for the decorations. A wall fountain or a small water feature will enliven the area and add visual interest. Make sure to add a wall fountain and other accents that speak of the country.

Moroccan-inspired pergola

To give your backyard a Moroccan flair, you can plant lush palm trees and heat-loving plants. They create beautiful shadows on smooth surfaces and can produce year-round foliage. Even a small yard can benefit from a mini outdoor fireplace and kitchen, so that guests can relax at the pergola without stepping outside. For added Moroccan style, plant a swaying tree with a vibrant bloom.

Using natural materials such as reeds or wood can also enhance the Moroccan-inspired look of your yard. A DIY store can sell you reed screens, which can be secured inside the pergola beams. Plants growing over the pergola beams can help conceal its base, while providing natural shade. In addition to adding to the beauty of your yard, a Moroccan-style pergola can increase your home’s value.

Moroccan-style cantilever pergola

Here are a few Moroccan-style cantilever pergola ideas to add a little Moroccan flare to your yard. For starters, consider adding potted plants to your space. This design also lends itself well to climbing plants for added privacy and color. String lights can also be used for a dramatic effect. Share these ideas with friends and family on social media! It will be great to get their feedback, too!

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